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LED Digital Billboard Truck

LED Digital Billboard Truck

Take your message anywhere! 

Showcase your business in a big way with this LED Digital Billboard Truck. With a large LED backlit display, you can reach a wide range of potential customers. Its adjustable brightness settings allow you to fine-tune the display to get maximum exposure, even in the brightest of daylight.

Display Specialization: 

• Display Size (Sides): (13'2” x 7'7")
• Display Size (Rear): (5'8” x 7'7”)
• Display Size (Panorama): (32'2” x 7'7”)

• Display Resolution (Sides): 672 x 384
• Display Resolution (Rear): 288 x 384
• Display Rez (Panorama): 1632 x 384

• Brightness: 8000 Nits

• Hydraulic mast lift capable of lifting the full LED display to a height over 20 feet to top-edge of screen.

Audio Specialization:
• 1200-watt PA Sound system to allow on-board audio playback
of screen video content, with microphone input for live
voice-over and pass through to external audio system.
• Rack Mounted Power Stereo Amplifier and Four (4) 10" power outdoor speakers

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