The E-Z UP® Experience

is our commitment to provide superior products with exceptional value, period! We add in all of the extras and offer you peace-of-mind, backed by over 30 years of happy repeat customers!


The little things make a BIG difference.


E-Z UP® Instant Shelters® can be set up in less than 60 seconds with just two people. Our patented one-piece frame with X-shape trusses creates an accordion-like structure that unfolds quickly for fast and E-Z set up. First time set-up requires the top to be installed. The top remains on the frame making every set up E-Z.

E-Z UP® shelters stand securely on grass, dirt, or pavement without ropes or poles. In windy conditions however, we recommend using our Heavy-Duty Stake Kit or Deluxe Weight Bags to anchor and prevent your shelter from tipping over.

Vented tops are specifically designed for windy conditions, allowing wind to flow through the shelter, instead of directly hitting the top and tilting it over. Furthermore, our Dome® shelter combines wind vented peaks with new flex rod technology so the roof bends and flexes with the pounding force of the wind.