Shelter Care and Maintenance

Read this information before using any E-Z UP® Instant Shelter®. It is the customers responsibility to take the following precautions at all times.


  • We recommend using a non-abrasive cleanser and scrub brush to gently spot clean the top of your shelter.
  • Do not put the top in any washing machine as this may damage the coating(s) we apply for water and fire resistance, mildew resistance and UV inhibitors.
  • Wash off soap and allow fabric to air dry completely before storing it. Excess water may cause mildew to grow.
  • Our tops are water resistant but are not water proof. We do not recommend using your shelter in any type of rain or severe windy conditions. The shelters are designed for sunshade. Damage to your unit due to rain or wind will not be covered under our warranty.
  • You may apply any water proofing agents made for waterproofing tents and awnings. Please note however, the primary function of the shelter is to provide shade.